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L. S. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals is a leader in the chemical compound manufacturing and distribution industry. The company was founded by Late Shri Virendra Lakhia in 1962 with a vision to become a top notch chemical company offering high-quality products and superior customer service. Our company is one of the earliest and largest manufacturers of mercuric, lead and molybdate salts in India, comprising currently 12 products within the same field. Our priority is to meet the demands and requirements of over 100 customers worldwide.

Our firm is a large, efficient and professional organization with enough experience to cater both to domestic and international markets. A wide variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, PVC, pigment, mining, and research, depend on us for their requirements. Having a customer-centric approach is central to how we operate, and the quality of our products and services is what builds our reputation. A competitive advantage for us in our industry comes from dependable services and quality products.

We specialize in manufacturing and delivering large volumes of high quality products at competitive prices, along with providing customized solutions. As an organization, we have the strength and robustness of a large organization, as well as agility and flexibility to handle continuous and rapid changes, by applying new, innovative ideas, which is a requirement for the success of our business..


  • Strong process chemistry skills
  • Latest manufacturing technology according to the ISO standards
  • Strong, long-term relationship with multinationals
  • A highly experienced management team, as well as operational professionals at the facility
  • Keeping to the deadline for large-scale manufacturing


  1. Expand our product portfolio
  2. Our mantra-Customer Satisfaction
  3. Growing through leadership and innovation
  4. Penetrating into Global markets
  5. Increasing the manufacturing capacity and R&D facilities

Why choose us?

L.S. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals is a highly competitive company with integration across its business through lowering operational costs which makes it one of the most cost effective producers and one of the most cost-efficient in its field by continuously lowering costs. Its unique advantage is that it has low-cost captive power for all its major operations.

We continue to place the greatest emphasis on creating value for our customers. We have maintained a single-minded objective of meeting both domestic and international needs, leading to numerous fruitful partnerships and associations. Become a vital part of the export chain by focusing constantly on:-

  1. Quality is our strength - accurate chemical composition is delivered
  2. Large volume production capacity
  3. Chemicals can be manufactured in different grades (ACS, Technical, LR/AR)
  4. Transparent dealings and an in-depth understanding of the industry
  5. Pricing and customer service that are competitive

"We have the capability, expertise, and infrastructure to support Contract Manufacturing for other Lead & Mercury Products too"