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The extent of efforts put into the planning and designing of the infrastructure is too deep to be written in few words. Right from resources collaboration to incorporation of innovative machinery, everything was planned and executed to perfection by our mentors with the assistance of talented and diligent workers.

Our business is not just about formulating the finest industrial chemicals; its about following the environment regulations and guidelines as well. We have installed captive power sources, adequate water supply, and fully-integrated & in-operation facilities for waste management including drainage and effluent treatment.

L. S. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals recognizes, gives and keeps up the facilities it needs to accomplish the similarity of its items, including:
  • Workspace and related facilities
  • Equipment, equipment and programming:
  • Safety measures finished normal tailing project
  • Adequate staff protective accessories provided amidst the assembling of items as at whatever point and wherever needed.
  • Supporting administrations (Transport *COMMUNICATION )
  • Information system

"We have the capability, expertise, and infrastructure to support Contract Manufacturing for other Lead & Mercury Products too"