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LS Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals has established itself as a well-known name in India, manufacturing a variety of inorganic specialty chemicals, including Lead, Mercury, and Tartarate salts. In terms of infrastructure, the company operates a well-equipped Quality Control (QC) and Assurance laboratory, facilities for Head Office and production, and it is well staffed with highly-skilled, experienced workers.

With our head office in Mumbai, we can work more effectively with our suppliers and customers. In India, the company has production and warehouse facilities at Sarigam and Vapi.

Its facilities are equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure and large enough for both manufacturing and storing voluminous output. Our modern machinery and installations enable us to handle large-scale processing and packaging within the given deadline with great efficiency. A wide variety of methods and processes, such as centrifugation, drying in tray dryers, chemical compound crystallization, distillation, and others, are employed in the plant with accuracy and efficiency.

In the case of every batch of product manufactured, we conduct quality control analysis testing so that we can guarantee the percentage purity falls between 95 and 100%; in addition, a report is sent away to ensure the consistency of our quality standardsA top-of-the-line manufacturing infrastructure guarantees the best possible production, furthering the process.

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